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Let’s get to know each other a little more so we can get ready for school!

Welcome to Saint Boniface Preschool!

Our Registration Process comes in two steps!
STEP ONE: Fill out the online intent form below.
STEP TWO: Fill out the downloadable PDF file (can be filled out on your computer or printed) and mailed or emailed back to us. This is needed for the child’s school records.

Please make sure to fill out both the digital form here and download the full Paper Application and send to Mrs. Janet Dellaquila at the school.

Step One

We will work with your child for transitioning to potty use. We can discuss options with you.
Janet will be happy to discuss and modify this with your child as they progress. The program works best with full day and five days a week for consistency and growth.

Step Two

You can download our tuition rates by using the link here. We typically offer a ten month payment plan for free (just divide the tuition by 10 for montly rates). 

Please fill out the online form as well as the paper application.

Please mail to:
Mrs. Janet Dellaquila
359 Main Street
Kersey, PA 15846

or email:

See you soon!