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Saint Boniface

Welcome to the new Saint Boniface Preschool.
Also known as the “Children’s House.”
We are excited to share with you our latest ministry for children.
Our school is changing for you and your children. Be a part of this exciting move to a complete Preschool program.

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We have programs for all children ages 2-6 years old. Our teachers work with parents to evaluate every students’ needs and place them in our multi-age environment.



We follow a balanced day of work, play, and rest that supports the needs of every student. We value grace and peace in every subject area. Maria Montessori guides both our curriculum and our mission.


Our days are filled with many activities that focus on the child as part of a learning community. You are invited to join us for many special events and parent programs. We also offer before and after school care.

About Us

Saint Boniface has been educating students since 1885. Over the years we have gone from a small parish school to a PreK-8th grade school and back to being a right-sized school just for preschool. We are proud of our history and the new direction we are headed. Please join us on our new adventure in bearing witness to the love of God in Kersey, PA!


We are members of the National Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
and all teachers are members of Association Montessori International (AMI/USA).

Contact Us

Call 814-885-8941 and speak with one of our office staff or email school@st-boniface.org today!

Come Visit Us

We are always accepting new students who are ready to join us. The first step to becoming a member of our unique classrooms is to come visit us and meet with one of our preschool guides (teachers).

Our Preschool. Our Family. Our Community

We are located on the historic Saint Boniface Campus on Main Street in Kersey, PA. We welcome all children at Saint Boniface – for school or other activities and especially to join us for Worship and Prayer. We welcome Catholics, other Christians, and anyone looking for a safe and positive environment to grow.



Our custom program works with the appropriate age level of children who are developing different motor skills.


Our math and science curriculum uses direct observation, study and organization of nature and the natural world. Students are encouraged to be active learners in their world.


Our art program is based on the child as creative individual. We take time to use our dedicated art space to make beautiful things. 

Critical Thinking

Our entire day is focused on the child growing and learning often through play, teacher and older student imitation, and discovering new ways of doing things.


We invite our parents to join us in the educational process. Parents are always welcome to drop off and pick up their children. We will help with any concerns, especially those first day of school worries.

Special Events

We schedule a variety of socials where parents and students can interact together. These are also great times to invite grandparents and other family members. They will be announced via email and a note sent home as a reminder.

Religious Instruction

We are blessed to have an Atrium (special room for religious instruction) in our School. It is part of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd – the premier Christian Formation program for young disciples.

Before and After School Care

We have a before and after school care program designed for busy families. Check out our partner site www.oliveandvine.org for more information about this program.


What Our Families are Saying

Saint Boniface means the world to our family. We love that they kept the preschool. It really works for our family.

The teachers are truly amazing. I didn’t want to let my little one go, but he wanted to go to preschool the first moment he came to visit.

Everyone kept telling me Saint Boniface was a family. That’s a true statement. I didn’t know my children could have so many friends who really care.

Work is at the heart of the Montessori Method.

The real preparation for education is a study of one’s self. The training of the teacher who is to help life is something far more than the learning of ideas. It includes the training of character, it is a preparation of the spirit.

— Dr. Maria Montessori (The Absorbent Mind)

Costs and Tuition

Preschool 2 Year Old
Also known as the Nido (Italian for ‘nest’)
We transition to potty training at this age.

Pre 2 – Full Day, 5 Day: $5,292
Pre 2 – Half Day, 5 Day (mornings): $3,969

Pre 2 – Full Day (MWF): $2,581
Pre 2 – Half Day (MWF mornings): $1,390

Preschool 3, 4, 5 and 6 Year Old
Also known as the Children’s House.
For children already fully potty trained.

Pre 3-6 Year Olds:  Full Day: $3,780

For 3 Year Olds there is a half day option
(5 mornings a week): $2,079

For 3 Year Olds, half day option (MWF mornings): $1,879