Key Features

For several years the Pastoral and Finance Councils have been examining some of the needs of our church interior. Our church has endured much use and therefore is in need of renovation.

The following are a few specific details:

  • Gathering Space for the full funeral ritual and for social gatherings.
  • Baptistery which allows an entire family to gather around for the ritual.
  • Restoration of historically significant ceiling murals and Stations of the Cross.
  • New pews and flooring to correct chipped veneer and weak anchorages.
  • New sanctuary layout and furniture.
  • New lighting and technological considerations.
  • Brighter and more spacious Reconciliation Room.
  • A new restroom and updated plumbing.
  • Partial re-lathing, plasterwork, and complete repainting.

The anticipated cost of the renovation is $750,000. Because of your generosity up to this point we have been able to save $250,000 to put towards this project. To achieve these necessary goals we now need to raise the remaining $500,000.

A Renovation Committee was formed in 2011 and was delegated the task of becoming familiar with the liturgical expectations of the universal Church, the needs of our particular church building, and the sensibilities of our parish community. Made up of representative and professional members of the parish, the committee has settled on the plans we now present to you and asks you to please assist with our efforts to bring them to completion.