The Evergreen Endowment

The Evergreen Endowment Fund will help the St. Boniface community to stay strong and fulfill our parish mission. A strong endowment will help us to be less reliant on fundraisers and the Catholic Services Appeal to fund the operations and ministries of the parish. It will help augment the offertory income so that we may continue to provide activities and programs to grow the spirituality of our parish family as well as maintain our beautiful worship and educational spaces.

The Evergreen Endowment Fund will also provide a secure place for our parish families to leave a lasting legacy with the parish. Parishioners can leave the St. Boniface Parish in their will and be assured that their generosity will be used to benefit our community for generations to come.

As we continue celebrating our gifts through the Evergreen Endowment Fund, let us remember that we cannot outgive God’s blessings to us.

The Evergreen Endowment of Saint Boniface Parish: Questions and Answers

What is an endowment?  Gift of money or income producing property to a public organization (in our case Saint Boniface Church) for a specific purpose (long-term maintenance, up-keep, and regular operating expenses). Generally, the endowed asset is kept intact and only the income generated by it is consumed.

How much money will be needed for the Evergreen Endowment?  Saint Boniface is hoping to fund our endowment with at least $250,000 over the next year.

How does this help our parish?  The money donated to this fund will not be touched for many years. It is considered a managed growth fund. We will hopefully grow the fund to over 1 Million dollars in the next five years with additional contributions and interest generated. It’s considered a long-term savings account for a “rainy day” – hopefully many years from now, but necessary in as little as 10 years for the survival of our parish.

Other interesting facts:

An endowment gift to The Evergreen Endowment of Saint Boniface today provides a brighter picture for our future. When you make a donation to our endowment, you give a gift with both immediate and long-term benefits.

Here’s how it works: Endowment donations are invested. A small portion (.5% – less than 1 percent) of the annual income from the investment funds the work of our Catholic Foundation. The remaining funds are reinvested to ensure indefinite support. Our fund is always the property of Saint Boniface Church, Kersey and cannot be used for anything beyond our specific needs:

  • Your Saint Boniface Catholic Church legacy will help others now and forever
  • Socially responsible and market-competitive investment management
  • Your funds will be used exactly as you intend, for our church, school, and properties only
  • Fund evaluation by consultants who measure and evaluate performance to appraise fund managers, rethink investment policies and plan portfolio strategies
  • Comprehensive ways in which to give like charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities, retained life estates among others
  • Oversight with care by a board of directors comprised of dedicated, Catholic men and women from throughout the Erie Diocese