Q. Who is doing the work on the addition and renovation?

General Construction – Daghir Construction (St. Marys)
Masonry Construction – Steger Masonry (Ridgway)
Mechanical Construction – Allied Systems, Inc. (Kane)
Pews – Reed’s Custom Woodworking (St. Marys)
Millwork – Reed’s Custom Woodworking (St. Marys)
Doors – Reed’s Custom Woodworking (St. Marys)
Restoration, Paint, & Plaster – John Tiedeman, Inc. (N. Arlington, NJ)
Sanctuary – Suburban Building Center (St. Marys)
Flooring – Suburban Building Center (St. Marys)


Q. Is there a way to invite more parishioners to participate in the Capital Campaign?

While we should be happy with the number of families participating in the campaign, 223 still represents just a little more than a third of the parish. This is in keeping with the national average for parishioner giving. Nonetheless, if the church is so important to our parish and wider community many think that everyone should do something. An additional appeal will be sent during Lent to those who have not yet made a pledge, inviting them to join the rest of their parish family in making a contribution.


Q. How does the campaign work?

A. Each family is asked to make a financial commitment at this time, to be paid over three to five years. The payment plan box also offers other possibilities.


Q. Can a memorial gift be made through the pledge program?

A. Yes. A memorial is not over and above your pledge amount. Furthermore, a pledge period longer than 36 months may be arranged for certain memorial gifts.


Q. Will there be a minimum pledge?

A. We will gratefully accept any sacrificial pledge. We are asking for equal sacrifice, and do not assume equal giving. Each parish member or family is invited to consider making Saint Boniface a priority in your budget during this time of parish need.


Q. How much should I give?

A. Only you know. The example of Christ and his disciples suggests that we give our whole selves in service to building the Kingdom of God on earth.


Q. When do pledge payments start?

A. We ask that you make a 10% down payment when you make your pledge and then the pledge payments will start after October 1, 2012 for a period of time which you determine.


Q. Why can’t I give as I please without making a pledge?

A. You could, however, the parish would not be able to accurately anticipate the amount of funds available for renovation work.


Q. What if we have more money pledged than we need for the project?

A. There are additional projects which will eventually need attention, such as the parking lot, work inside the bell tower, and additional storage space for the school and cemetery.